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Our main strategic factor


Quality is and will always be the main strategic factor of development and the DNA of the company's culture, being therefore a mission and a responsibility of all employees. The focus on industrial sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, recycling, moulds, plastics and textiles, are the pillar of sustainability of the activity of Intellysmart Solutions, Lda.


We have a quality dynamic guaranteed by the experience and know-how acquired by our technical team. Intellysmart is able to design and install solutions for Climate Control, Refrigeration and Ventilation Systems suitable for the needs of customers in any industry.

Thermal Engineering

  • Design and Installation
  • Clean rooms
  • Industrial mechanical
    ventilation/Air treatment
  • Industrial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Thermal Recoveries
  • Dust removal
  • Steam
  • Compressed air
  • Fire-fighting Networks
  • Renewable energy (solar thermal, biomass)

Industrial Electricity

  • Execution of electric panels (power/instrumentation)
  • LED Lighting
  • Computer networks
  • Renewable energy (photovoltaic)

Industrial Automation

  • Engineering design activities and installation
  • Software Automation and supervision (SCADA/HMI)
  • BMS - Building Management System
  • Reconversion of industrial systems
  • Energy/production management database

Global Maintenance

  • Air Conditioning/Refrigeration
  • Duct cleaning
  • General electricity
  • Transformer substations
  • Generators
  • UPS- Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Renewable Energies (Solar thermal, photovoltaic, biomass)
Positioned in the Thermal and Industrial area


Intellysmart solutions, Lda appeared on the market with the purpose of positioning itself in the area of thermal engineering, industrial automation and industrial electricity. We have a work team with a high level of skills, dedicated to act in various areas, from project engineering to technical installations and maintenance of infrastructure and equipment.
We develop our work in several sectors of activity such as: pharmaceutical industry, aeronautics, automotive, molds, plastics, textile and food.



Intellysmart's task is to find the best solutions for the specific needs of electrical and mechanical installations and equipment of buildings, ensuring high level HVAC services in quality and availability, promoting customer confidence and providing the ability for greater dedication to your business, with the guarantee of having a partner that will be present at all times, through an integrated partnership. In this way, we guarantee:

  • Customized Solutions
  • Guarantee of Results
  • Commitment to Long-Term Relationships
  • Availability
In this process, our client requested the replacement of two chillers (total of 1Mw). We found the best...
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Pharmaceutical Industry

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HVAC network

The client asked us to execute a fire-fighting network (FFN) according to a project previously licensed. We...
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Fire-preventing Network Installation

In this process, our client was the final customer, the owner of a winery, who provided us with a HVAC project complete...
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Cellar Air Conditioning

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